With over 30 years of diversified law enforcement, security and technology experience, we are industry leaders in public safety and security services.

We use our experience to help clients measurably improve public safety and security using best industry practices, proven crime prevention strategies, and security technology.

Our expert consultation services include policing and police management, security technology, security practices, risk management, and litigation-support services to public and private organizations.


We specialize in the following areas:


Law Enforcement Agencies

Helping agencies keep up with shifting needs throughout the globe 

  • Staffing and Efficiency Studies

  • Strategic Planning   

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Operational Reviews

  • Crime Control

  • Workload Analysis

  • Best Practices Reviews

  • Management Practices

  • Performance Management

  • Use of Force

  • Auditing

  • Change Management

  • Agency Audits

  • Response Times

  • Community Policing

  • Community Relations

  • Data-Driven Policing


Security and Litigation Support

We Provide expert security consultations to owners and managers of commercial properties and law firms

  • We assist those interested in improving safety and reducing their risk exposure to liability under civil negligence claims for harm to persons caused by third-party crime.

  • We perform security and vulnerability assessments to determine your risk posture and provide expert recommendations for mitigating potential threats.

  • We also provide expert security consulting services to law firms in personal injury litigation cases involving premises liability due to inadequate security or security officer negligence and false arrest or excessive use of force.

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Technology Consulting Services

From technology audits, technology selection and integration to the design of real-time crime prevention and information sharing centers, we infuse your organization with innovative technology to help drive greater transparency, accountability, and security.

Our goal is to help you to build a solid foundation of high-performance technology solutions that ensure optimal performance.

We specialize in technology assessment, planning, and design services to help you maximize the value of technology purchases.

We have the capability and experience to accurately assess your situation, determine and align your security vision with IT goals, and build a comprehensive roadmap to help you put big ideas into action.