Security forces that employ the right mix of force multiplier technologies are able to extend their protective umbrella when and where they are needed most


Light-Based Intervention System (LBIS)


LBIS  is a powerful light source that is synchronized with security CCTV cameras to arm public safety and security agencies with the ability to instantly disrupt crime in real-time and prevent criminal activity remotely:

  • Intervention - when police or security CCTV monitors have reason to believe that a crime is being or is about to be committed, they activate LBIS to “paint” the incident location with illumination lighting. This powerful notice of detection can instantly disrupt the criminal act, thus preventing innocent citizens from becoming crime victims.

  • Crime Prevention - LBIS  signals a highly visible notice of guardianship, thereby waning the opportunity for crime. LBIS can be used to secure safe corridors, streets, parks, parking lots, college campuses, transportation hubs and commercial districts during periods of darkness. 


LBIS Key Benefits…

  • Expand the reach of existing agency resources

  • Increase officer safety, productivity, and effectiveness

  • Increase the crime prevention potential of security CCTV camera systems

  • Proactively prevent crime

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Disrupt crimes in progress

  • Reduce the fear-of-crime

  • Disrupt street-level drug trafficking/quality-of-life complaints

  • Create safe passages

LBIS can also be used to remotely disrupt quality-of-life problems and situations that engender serious crime such as street-level narcotics trafficking, public nuisances, and other forms of public disorder even in the absence of physical police patrols.

As a public safety warning system, LBIS can be used to instantly mark areas or situations that pose an immediate public safety risk with illumination lighting.