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The iRMC identifies ongoing opportunities for executing agency strategy, optimizing the use of available resources, and expanding service levels to unprecedented heights with limited resources.

 Successful execution of security plans and strategies often depend on the availability of resources and how well this scarce commodity is managed and aligned with agency goals.


Proven systems that work

Proven systems that work

Emergency 9-1-1 and routine service demands can easily overwhelm resources and limit the agency’s capacity to merely servicing rather than preventing and solving security problems.

For this reason, effectively balancing contending workload demands, managing bottlenecks and performance shortfalls that impact resource levels, and focusing resources on agency priorities are important functions for agencies of all sizes, and mission critical for agencies with staffing shortages. It was with these challenges in mind that we developed the IRMC.


IRMC helps users to:

  • Get up to the moment information about current resource capacity, use, and availability

  • Gain objective and timely insights into agency performance metrics

  • Achieve greater control over agencies resources and resource allocation

  • Better manage dynamic workload demands and bottlenecks that impact performance

  • Deconflict and prioritize the use of agency resources

  • Monitor current performance activities in relation to agency objectives and strategies in real-time

  • Identify, utilize idle and redirect misaligned resources in real-time

Combine   real-time resource tracking with performance monitoring

Combine real-time resource tracking with performance monitoring


  • Optimize the use of limited resources

  • Match the available resources with the needs of the organization to achieve agency goals.

  • Close the performance gap between strategy and execution

  • Increase agency performance and productivity

  • Cut costs and extend the reach of available resources

PROVEN and Reliable

Mid-size agency productivity gains have reached $5.7 million annually and $1.9 million in just 6 months