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Jose M. Cordero is the founder and Chairman of The Cordero Group, 

a security technology and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients improve public safety and security through the use of data-driven crime prevention methods, best practices, and security technology.



THe Cordero Group was formed in 2011 and introduced a series of new proven crime prevention technology solutions to solve real-world security problems.

These uniquely capable systems were developed with input from industry experts and practitioner insights about the challenges facing law enforcement and security forces in today’s environment.  




Cordero’s professional background includes a 30-year career in law enforcement with executive-level experience in various police departments and state law enforcement. After retiring from the New York City Police Department with the rank of Inspector, Cordero served as Police Chief and Police Director before being appointed by the Governor and Attorney General to the post of Director of Law Enforcement for the State of New Jersey.



Cordero’s law enforcement achievements are numerous, including transforming underperforming law enforcement agencies into premier national leaders in crime prevention.

Cordero authored both New York City’s anti-gang and New Jersey’s state-wide criminal gang and violence reduction strategies that helped to lower homicide and gang crime rates.

As Police Chief, Cordero implemented public safety policies and strategies that led to overall crime levels dropping to 30-year lows and the city receiving the Safest City in America award for every year of his tenure.

Under his vision and leadership as Police Director, the police department used technology-enabled crime prevention strategies to achieve one of the most precipitous crime drops in modern history.

His hallmark achievement was a 76% reduction in overall crime in four years, a drop of nearly 12 times the national average. Even more remarkable is that a city, once known for having the highest overall crime rate in New Jersey, continues to enjoy its transformative change in public safety well over a decade later.

While in service as Director of Law Enforcement for the State of New Jersey, he led statewide efforts to reduce violent and gang-related crime across 566 cities and towns in 21 counties.

As an early adopter of real-time policing technologies, Cordero showed that when equipped with the right tools, law enforcement can drive down crime and sustain improvements in public safety for decades.



In the security space, he provided guidance and consulting services to real-estate developers, consultants, and law firms on matters of safety and security.

He has also collaborated with foreign law enforcement officials on security matters, including delivering lectures and assessing candidates for advancement into executive and senior police ranks. 

As one of the Country’s foremost authorities in crime prevention, Mr. Cordero has collaborated with senior White House officials on technology and data innovation to increase police effectiveness, accountability, and transparency.  He created a new state-of-the-art County Police Department for Camden County, the first regional police force established in New Jersey.



Cordero served as an advisory board member for Penn State Justice and Safety Institute and Chair of New Jersey’s Law Enforcement Coordinating Council. He worked with the New Jersey League of Municipalities, New Jersey Conference of Mayors, Conference of Black Mayors, U.S. Department of Justice, and non-for profit foundations to help educate elected and government officials, police executives, and businesses on how to improve security using cost-effective methods and technology. 



US Patent Holdings:

  1.  Method and System for an Automated Dispatch Protocol
  2.  Method and System for Light-Based Intervention
  3.  Method and System for An Interactive Community Alert Network.

On the Front Lines

During his 21-year NYPD career, Cordero commanded police precincts in several New York City neighborhoods and served as NYPD’s Citywide Anti-Gang Coordinator and chief prevention strategist/operations commander for a patrol borough consisting of seven police precincts serving nearly one million people. He also helped manage the NYPD’s response to the WTC attack on 9/11.