Tactical Automated Vehicle Locator
Police Synchronization System (TAC AVL)

Bringing the latest GPS and communications tools to bear on optimizing and synchronizing police resources

We've come a long way from "1-ADAM 12" and "Car 54 Where Are You".

Thanks to high tech digital geospatial and GPS situational awareness and resource visualization, the TAC AVL tool optimizes the alignment of police resources with identified or expected criminal activities in real-time.


Originally designed as a police vehicle position GPS tracking tool, current modifications include the ability to graphically display layers of criminal activity and police and virtual crime prevention directed patrol activities in real-time. The system provides a digital view of what is happening or has happened on the ground and the ability to instantly and easily synchronize police resources with emerging and ongoing criminal trends.



Additionally, TAC AVL provides problem solving feedback and helps to ensure police actions are consistent with the magnitude and particulars of identified crime problems. TAC AVL is integrated with CAD, CCTV surveillance cameras, and smart sensors. Imbedded visualization displays of police surveillance camera views and ranges; gunshot detection and smart image sensor coverage areas and alarm locations, mobile and fixed license plate recognition camera locations, and position of all patrol units allow for total factor synchronization and coordination of crime prevention plans and emergency response to critical incidents. Emergency police response routes can be easily identified and electronically transmitted to responding patrol units based on visual locations of virtual, sensory, and patrol units around the incident location. TAC AVL has playback capabilities which allow the police to compile a series of best practices such as which police response strategies effectively reduced a specific type of criminal activity and why.