Merging Data Collection with real-time Policing

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At the heart of the Cordero model is the Public Safety Information Grid (PSIG). The grid is a practitioner designed technology foundation that fuses and integrates existing technology with The Cordero Groups iSmart - Interactive Situational Awareness and Response Tool and other innovative solutions that provide a 360 degree cost-effective crime prevention solution, ranging from real-time situational awareness to resource optimization and response. When combined, it enables the primarily reactive and isolated data collected by current systems to be consolidated and pushed in real-time, to the street for prompt action.



PSIG provides law enforcement with extraordinary crime prevention capabilities through an interconnected series of automated situational awareness, police resource synchronization, and force multipliers systems. Comprised of networked digital, virtual, and image sensory devices, the PSIG has helped local law enforcement operate in real-time and achieve significant results in crime prevention.


In an environment of staff and budget cuts, where Police Executives are being asked to do more with less, PSIG delivers four critical benefits.


  1. Improve efficiency by leveraging existing in-house data collection and analysis systems with wireless and communications technologies to put critical information in the hands of officers in real-time.
  2. Reduce crime by enabling law enforcement to prevent crime rather that react to it.
  3. Improve staff morale and public satisfaction through force multipliers that dramatically improve police presence in the community.
  4. Deliver measurable performance enhancements and attractive ROI.


Some of the key components of the PSIG are:

  • iSmart - Interactive Situational Awareness and Response Tool
  • iCan - Interactive Community Alert Network
  • Automated Emergency Dispatch
  • light-based Intervention Systems
  • Tactical Automated Vehicle Locator/Police Synchronization System (TAC AVL)