Working together to improve policing and security

Managing and balancing community expectations of public safety with the new norm of significantly reduced staffing is a relatively new discipline for many in law enforcement and public policy leadership positions.


We offer cities, towns and organizations the opportunity to objectively evaluate, despite diminished funding levels, how they can still offer effective and efficient protection to residents using bold, new service models: Technology Consulting.


Our strategic approach to leveraging technology is uniquely different than conventional methods. We recognize that emerging and existing technologies yield unleashed opportunities for improving public safety outcomes.

We bring more than 30 years of proven experience in areas of organizational design, staffing, efficiency, performance management, accountability, community safety, community relations, and technology among other capabilities.

Our services can be employed on a management consulting level, safety and security or technology consulting.


Management Consulting Services

  • Rightsizing agencies - staffing, efficiency, and management reviews
  • Organization optimization - attaining measurable results during lean times
  • Managing roadblocks to regionalization, consolidation, and shared services - strategies for overcoming safety and security concerns of affected stakeholders
  • Increasing productivity and coping with long-term squeeze on spending
  • Cutting the fat and preserving the right resources and tools - identifying and eliminating inefficiencies
  • Evaluating policies and strategies, managing demands and expectations, and reengineering for the future
  • Strategies for dealing with police traditions versus today's realities
  • Managing perceptions of safety in an era of reduced resources
  • Managing for effectiveness and value - the new era of policing
  • Identifying and measuring new and different bottom lines in policing
  • Balancing local needs alongside economic pressures

Safety and Security Consulting Service Offerings

  • Reducing crime and disorder
  • Reducing fear of crime
  • Increasing public satisfaction with police services
  • Creating and executing sound public safety business plans
  • Measures of effective policing
  • Crime prevention strategies
  • Policing with pin-point accuracy
  • Using evidence-based policing strategies and technology to work smarter and optimize scarce resources
  • Maximizing police visibility when it matters most
  • Improving emergency response times

Technology Consulting Service Offerings

  • Solving and preventing crime with innovative multi-tasking technology solutions
  • Transforming existing technology systems into effective and efficient force multipliers
  • Strategic framework for information technology decisions
  • Visualization tools - synchronizing resources with ongoing and anticipated criminal activity
  • Using technology to accomplish more with less
  • Improving productivity, accountability, and results of value
  • Technology selection, modification, and integration
  • Aligning and integrating technology with business processes and organizational culture-complementary organizational practices
  • Using technology to help police departments work beyond their actual capacity
  • Designing and implementing cutting-edge public safety information grid models - policing with pin-point precision for large and small departments
  • Transforming CCTV camera and other technology systems into effective and efficient crime prevention tools
  • Using technology to reduce fear of crime and improve perception of safety


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