Automated Emergency Dispatch (AED)

Improving Emergency Response Time to Seconds While Maximizing the Value of Human Intervention

"Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile." ~ Abu Bakr

Outside of live patrols, the 911 system is the most tangible connection between law enforcement and the public. A 911 operator is a trained professional that must simultaneously ascertain critical information from a caller in crises:

  1. What is the nature of the call
  2. What type of response is appropriate
  3. Where is the incident occurring
  4. What patrol is best equipped to handle the crises
  5. Who can respond quickest

With Automated Emergency One Second Dispatch (AED) in place, the operator can focus on the caller and the nature of the call. AED is already focusing on items 3-5 in real-time. As part of Cordero Group's Public Safety Information Grid (PSIG) AED's patent pending technology is automatically activated as soon as the incident is logged into the CAD.



This fully automated emergency police dispatch system significantly reduces police emergency dispatch time to just over one second and cuts response times to life threatening emergency incidents by over 50%. Emergency incidents are mapped on a GPS coordinated grid that shows precisely where available patrol cars are located. Via wireless communication, the cars are alerted and are in response. Simultaneously, any CCTV cameras in the area are triangulated on the scene. This feed is provided to the responding vehicles enabling advance surveillance. Additionally, critical data is being recorded as evidence.


The alert and response have already taken place without operator intervention. The operator is still on the phone with the caller, collecting critical additional data and feeding it to the responding units in real-time. This results in:

  1. A measurably more efficient 911 system
  2. Much faster response to reported crimes
  3. More informed police officers
  4. Less distracted 911 operators
  5. Better evidence collection
  6. Greater opportunity to prevent crime
  7. Much better citizen interface with 911